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messenger says...

Bunch of seriously good comments on the naked pictures thread.

ChaosEngine said:

No, there is a world of difference between having a responsibility for your plight and choosing how you respond.

The correct response to being assaulted, robbed, or otherwise offended against, is never to bow down to what your attackers want. You can apply this logic to all kinds of situations.

Don't want cat calls? Don't wear a sexy outfit.
Don't want to be gay bashed? Don't go into the rural south.
Didn't want to be shot? Shouldn't have published those cartoons.




But funnily enough, no-one ever tells a white guy that if he didn't want to be car-jacked, he shouldn't be driving that corvette.

It's pretty fucking awful that the assholes who stole the photos manage to be both puritan and lecherous at the same time. Telling the woman she's a slut for posing naked whilst masturbating to the images. It's the height of hypocrisy.

And meanwhile, you have a bunch of guys telling her what she should or shouldn't do in the privacy of her own home.

BoneRemake says...

I just boycott that ridiculously stupid.. strike that.. inclusive high standard channel, the owner is a Nazi from northern Germany. anything I ever put in it got taken out, so fuck it. Unless deano think's it is skillful it does not belong, so make sure you ask him first.

ChaosEngine said:

pretty sure at least some of that counts as *skillful

if only more conflicts could be solved by dance off, the world would be a funkier place

enoch says...

that wasn't a was a winding tangent where the point got dropped off on obscurity island.

i was gonna delete it but then decided "ah screw it",lets keep it for entertainment value.

which may be 0.

for the last few years i have been working at a friends local eatery and made about 25 bucks an hour,which is decent in my book.i made a lot more when i worked in miami,boca and lauderdale.

my "living wage" musings were not really directed at you,or anybody for that matter.i have just come across people who have actually become offended when they found out how much i made compared to what they made.

it is the subjectiveness that i find interesting.

of course that may have gotten lost in my meandering commentary.
haha ..i r stoopid.

stay awesome man!

ChaosEngine said:

@enoch, I got kinda lost in your rant but to address this one specific point, a living wage is enough for someone to provide basic necessities (accommodation, food, heating/power, healthcare, etc) for them and their family.

Obviously it varies from place to place depending on local cost of living. It is not a minimum wage (which is typically lower).

In NZ, a living wage has been set at $18.80 (compared to minimum wage of $14.25), and several companies, government institutions have committed to paying it.

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